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Update: Road Closings in Taney, Stone Counties

By: Sam Clanton
Posted: Monday, April 25, 2011

Storm water runoff has closed more than 20 roads in Taney County, and at least 10 in Stone County. Closed roads in Taney County include Airport Road, Honey Lane, Victor Church Road, Barker Hole Road, Bear Creek Road (at slab), Cedar Hollow Road, Coon Creek Road, Patterson Drive, Round Mountain Road, Slough Hollow Road, Protem-Cedarcreek Road, Sycamore Church Road (at the low water crossing), Kimball Road, Shady Springs, Frank Rea, Silver Creek, Sims Road, Casey Road (lower part), Stehle Road, Lone Star Road and Thunder Road.

Also, Highway 176 at the Taneycomo Motor Lodge in Rockaway Beach is closed due to flooding. Motorists will need to find an alternate route until the water level goes down.

Most of the closed roads in Stone County are in the northern half of the county. Those include Blackberry, Bluff, Beaver Dam Road, Gideon Cove, Boston Mountain, Hootentown, McCall Bridge Road, Quail Spur and Old Wire Road. In southern Stone County, Stormy Point Road off Highway 265 remains open, however extreme caution is advised as 5 to 6 inches of water is running over the roadway.