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Boone County Inmate Health Care Approved

By: Skylar Skidmore
Posted: Friday, February 21, 2014

HARRISON, Ark. – At a recent Quorum Court meeting, the court approved an appropriation ordinance that will provide funds for inmate health care.

Boone County Sheriff Mike Moore spoke at the meeting saying the funds would be used to enroll his department with Southern Health Partners, a Chattanooga, Tennessee firm specializing in jail health care.  Moore reported that on average there are 80-90 people in the Boone County jail at any time.

By state law, the jail is responsible for healthcare and maintenance of inmates.

Boone County Sheriff Mike Moore:


Enrolling in Southern Health Partners would remove the Sheriff’s Department from any possible medical liability. SHP would monitor the health of inmates using local health care providers.  By enrolling with SHP, the county would save approximately 25-thousand dollars a year.

At the February 18 meeting, the ordinance was passed unanimously.

The cost of the health insurance will be 126-thousand dollars a year.