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Local DAV Picks-Up Vets

By: Luke Treat
Posted: Thursday, February 20, 2014

BRANSON, Mo. – The Branson DAV Chapter 68 is not yet six months old, but time isn’t stopping the non-profit from serving the disabled vets of the Tri-Lakes area.

The chapter received its charter in October, and has since seen its members grow, with a count of 125 last meeting. Commander Don Helms would like to see another number grow – passengers with its transportation service.

Don Helms H048 (:14) “…able to use.”

Those vans pick up veterans who need transportation to a medical appointment anywhere from Branson, Mt. Vernon, Fayetteville, to Little Rock – free of charge. Regardless, local veterans continue to miss their appointments, which is a point of confusion for Commander Helms.

Don Helms H049 (:15) “…to their appointment.”

By this June, this transportation service will have served the area for two years, and Helms hopes local veterans continue to take advantage of the services offered by the chapter.

Full story here: Luke Treat (1:16) “…I’m Luke Treat.”