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Details Released on Finch Manhunt

By: Staff
Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Information released Monday by the sheriffs in Ozark and Wright Counties have shed light on the motive for a fugitive from Baxter County shooting himself and details of his six days on the run from authorities. Wright County Sheriff Glenn Adler says he had been following the manhunt for Robert Finch, a native of Wright County. Saturday he was alerted by Ozark County Sheriff Darrin Reed to be on the lookout for Finch, who had stolen a car in Ozark County.

Glenn Adler    

Finch's mother made the call to authorities, according to Adler. He says Finch shot himself in the chest with a .22 caliber rifle believed to have been from the stolen car. Fear apparently was Finch's motive for shooting himself.

The search for Finch had been centered in Ozark County, after he fled Baxter County sheriff's deputies Monday. Sheriff Reed says tracking dogs lost scent of Finch in a wooded area east of Hardinville, where he was last sighted Thursday, at a convenience store. Reed says there was evidence Finch had been staying in a barn.

Sheriff Reed says there is no evidence Finch got any help during his six days on the run.

Robert Finch, Jr. remains in Springfield's Mercy Hospital, where he is under 24 hour guard by law enforcement. He faces charges in Baxter County of felony kidnapping, felony aggravated residential burglary, felony battery, felony terroristic threatening and felony fleeing from an officer. He also faces charges in Wright and Ozark Counties.

Roy - 10/29/2013 5:16:59 AM
Funny how these people who think they are so tough always take the gutless way out and are afraid to face up to their actions. The pain they cause to their families and those who care is such a shame. Fast action by the police took him off the street and let's hope for a long time so those he hurt have time to heal and get their lives back together.