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Closing of NABORS Landfill Delayed

By: Staff
Posted: Thursday, September 26, 2013

With local members of the Ozark Solid Waste District Board noticeably absent at Tuesday's meeting, the board was able to achieve a quorum through proxy representation of some missing members. Although those on hand did discuss the issue of flow control to keep the NABORS Landfill open under the direction of Inland Service Management of Austin, Texas, no action was taken. However, those present unanimously passed a motion to divert $112,000 in recycling grants from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to delay turning the lights off and halting the removal of leachate from the NABORS Landfill in northern Baxter County. Board Chairman Jeff Crockett says Arkansas Legislative Act 1333 makes this possible.

Jeff Crockett  

Three board members who were absent sent proxies to represent them, making it possible for the board to achieve a quorum.
It was agreed to delay action on flow control for a meeting to be held within the next two weeks, when an ordinance will be ready for their consideration, according to Crockett.