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Harrison Housing Authority Donates 100 Smoke Alarms

By: Skylar Skidmore
Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013

The Harrison Housing Authority donated 100 smoke alarms to the Harrison Fire Department in an effort to promote fire safety in the homes of citizens of Harrison.

 Executive Director of the Harrison Housing Authority, Derek White, said of the partnership, “We are very honored to partner with our fantastic fire department to further promote fire safety for our citizens.  During our inspections, each unit must pass Housing Quality Standards outlined by HUD, which requires a smoke alarm on each level of the unit to be in working order, but we cannot forget the units that are not currently on the HCV program.  The overall purpose is to remove barriers so that our citizens are better prepared in the event of a fire and their safety is a number one priority.”

 This donation also looks to assist residents and property owners in Harrison further comply with the City Ordinance requiring property owners to have a working smoke detector in each unit that they own.

Please contact the Harrison Fire Department for more information.

The smoke alarms are ready and available through the Harrison Fire Department by contacting 870-741-6384 for anyone in the City of Harrison and up to 15 miles out of the city limits.