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Pennel to Add Third Appraisal Team to Assessor's Office

By: Sam Clanton
Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013

Taney County’s new assessor was sworn into office this week and has hit the ground running as far as taking over the duties of his office. Former presiding commissioner Chuck Pennel won the assessor election last November, but took office after September 1st in accordance with state statutes.

Pennel says the assessor’s office is 2 months behind on their work, and shared with commissioners on Thursday some of his ideas to fix that problem…

Chuck Pennel E838 :25  “… one on the other”

Pennel says the assessor’s office needs an additional vehicle and camera to accommodate a third appraisal team. He formally requested those items from the county commission.

Pennel says his biggest challenge, other than working to become compliant with the State Tax Commission, is learning how to operate and possibly improve the department’s computer program, which has caused complications over the last few years.