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Commission Approves $750,000 Project at Forsyth Sewer Plant

By: Sam Clanton
Posted: Friday, September 06, 2013

Taney County Commissioners have signed off on a funding agreement between the Taney County Regional Sewer District and the City of Forsyth for a 2-part project to improve the equalization basins at the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

The total cost is approximately $750,000. The project addresses peak flows into the plant from the county’s Ozark Beach collection system at Y Highway.

Presiding Commissioner Ron Houseman visited with Forsyth City Supervisor Chris Robertson on Thursday…

Ron Houseman E836  :18  “… that sales tax amount”

Twenty-five percent of county sewer sales tax revenues are designated for the various municipalities in Taney County.

Commissioners tabled the request last month pending a letter of clarification from the Forsyth Board of Aldermen, which has since been submitted. The letter states that Taney County has purchased capacity of up to 195,000 gallons per day in the Forsyth sewer treatment plant.  

Taney County Resident - 09/06/2013 8:50:51 AM
Forsyth has had an issue with peak flow since the completion of the Y Highway project. The County Commission should of approved funds to address the issue two years ago. Wonder if the upcoming election for County Commissioner may have something to do with this decision?
Raynell Gideon - 09/07/2013 9:44:01 AM
Of course the upcoming election has everything to do with it. If they would just stem the flow of sewage coming from the commissioners, you would have a "peak flow" issue. Think Houseman...