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Meteorologist Reminds Parents to Beat the Heat and Check the Backseat

By: Michael Greeley
Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beat the Heat and Check the Backseat is a weather safety and survival program sponsored by the National Weather Service that is focused on reminding parents and pet owners about the dangers of leaving loved ones unattended in the car. 

National Weather Meteorologist Doug Cramer says with Wednesday’s daytime high approaching 100 degrees, the temperature inside a vehicle can rise 20 degrees in as little as 10 minutes:

Doug Cramer

The inside of a car acts like a green house, where actual temperatures inside the vehicle can reach 120°F in minutes and approach 150°F in as little as an hour.  This can cause heat stroke in only minutes, particularly in children. 

Studies have shown that lowering the windows provides little if any relief.  Cramer says to never leave a child or pet unattended in a vehicle for even a few moments.

Click here to watch a video and learn important safety tips.