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Branson Police to Aggressively Enforce Seat Belt Law

By: Michael Greeley
Posted: Thursday, May 16, 2013

Branson police are participating in the Click-it or Ticket enforcement program between May 20th and June 2nd. It’s part of a statewide law enforcement effort to crack down on Missouri’s seat belt violations. 

Assistant Chief Stan Dobbins says the program will bring attention to people not wearing seat belts. He warns motorist that the department will be aggressive in their seat belt enforcement:

Stan Dobbins

Dobbins says making sure everyone in the vehicle is buckled up greatly reduces the risk of death and serious injury, during an accident. He says the police department partners with the state of Missouri annually to enforce the seat belt law.

Motorcycles? - 05/16/2013 2:39:02 AM
I just hope they go after motorcycle riders too? I see them all the time without their seat belt on. I am sorry I forgot, motorcycles are safe. I mean no one has ever died in a motorcycle wreck. I hope you all can forgive me?
citizen of taney county - 05/16/2013 6:05:13 PM
If the law men would spend more time catching real criminals rather than those of us who don't intend to use a belt to keep us some where we might not want to be, like a car under water or on fire it should be any ones own personal choice of the DANGER WHEN NOT CLICKED IN!!!!!! What sounds like ticket--clickit--could it be somewhere to put it? Just like the helmet law on motorcycles it should be that persons choice to get their head cracked open if they wreck!!!! TOO MUCH LAW CAN ALSO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A PUBLIC PRISONER EVERY DAY!!!! THIS MOST LIKELY WON'T GET PRINTED. Could it be the the press doesn't want to hurt the cops feelings?
socal crow - 05/19/2013 1:19:12 AM
do you mean more aggressive than usual? it's about generating revenue